Clinical trials show AntiSnor Acupressure Ring delivers positive results to help reduce snoring

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ANTISNOR is clinically proven to significantly reduce snoring.

Antisnor combines modern medical technology and ancient knowledge, based around the bodies nerve system and reflexology.

The ring uses two small acupressure stimulators, positioned precisely on a nerve point underneath the left little finger and this can help free the airways.

The 2012 research, completed by the French scientific company Proclaim ( shows that sleep outcomes improved for 80% of the couples involved in their research. "The ring was found effective by the doctor for reducing snoring for 80% of people." (page 13 of the report)

The research was scientifically structured and very detailed. It showed that, when the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring was worn, 80% of the participants reported that the ring was either “rather effective” or “very effective”.


We believe in the science behind our ring and we believe in the research. But, if you believe that the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring hasn’t helped you, simply return it within 45 days for a full refund. (see our warranty policy

We can’t tell you it stops snoring, but the research shows high results.

Snoring can make your partner extremely unhappy - it can mean long, sleepless nights, and exhaustion in the morning. It is generally the spouse of the snorer who suffers and purchases the ring. In the 2012 French clinical trials, the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring alleviated the effects of snoring in 80% of the participants. Partners of the snorer gained most – the research showed that their satisfaction with sleep improved almost 100%.

97% found the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring to be easy to use.

When compared with other anti-snoring solutions, the ring is easy, painless and non-intrusive. It is also one of the least expensive ways to tackle this annoying and disruptive behaviour.

  • The non-intrusive AntiSnor Acupressure Ring is more likely to be accepted by the snorer.
  • The ring is comfortable, and does not affect the snorer’s sleep.
  • Long lasting and hypo-allergenic. It’s just like a wedding ring that you only wear to bed.

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“I would like to thank you for this wonderful invention. For the first time in 43 years I am able to get some sleep. My husband and I are now sleeping together (we’ve only been married for 2 years). He has only had to wake me once or twice during the night. I have only been using the ring for the past 5 days. I feel rested and contented. Once again thank you.”
(Daniela Fortini Care Coordinator)
HARP Chronic Disease Management, Latrobe Regional Hospital

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With around 75% of the adult population suffering from snoring in some form, the market for products aiming to stop snoring is vast.  These products range from the rather crude concept of strapping tennis balls to your back, right up to registered medical devices.

PLEASE BE AWARE of IMITATION RINGS claiming to be the original ring worn on the finger to reduce or alleviate snoring without clinical trials. People purchasing these rings within the USA, Canada & Australia or by mail order to these countries may have their purchase confiscated by Customs for Patent Infrindgment and illegal importing.